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Camping at the Dead Sea

Camping at the Dead Sea sounds like a good idea, and it is…

You get to wake up with sun rising over the salty sea, wade in its uninhabited waters, take in its healing powers.

Yes its very nice and all, but only until the unrelenting sun is up and ready to start the day, then its a little less nice.

Your skin begs you for freshwater as the salt dries it up with the help of the sun.

We were lucky,  next to where we slept on the beach there was fresh water streaming.

And as if the sun and heat weren’t enough, killer flies were sent to finish us off.

Yes camping is fun, but next time I think I’ll take the more touristy route and just go to the spa at the Dead Sea instead. Equipped with umbrella, lawn chair, icy drink, and  a swimming pool to cool off my skin.

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Hello Mr. Camel

Hello Mr. Camel

2014-09-06 10.36.44

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