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Taking a break from lounging at the Dead Sea we jumped in the car and went looking for some adventure.

We came to the sign for Masada and made a turn for it.

I had been there once before two years ago when I was on a ten day tour throughout Israel. That time we had hiked up the other side instead of taking the 3 minute rail car.


The new opera house can be seen from this view

The new opera house can be seen from this view


King Herod built the fortress on this flat piece of mountain in 30 BCE.

His palace was located on the northern side. Equipped with bath house, store rooms, mikveh pools which you can still see the remains.

We watched the seven minute video before taking the lift up to learn some more about the history of the place.

I was shocked when they showed pictures of pottery that was found that had names written in Hebrew.

The story of Masada is quite tragic.

It was in the year of 73 when the, almost 1,000, people on top of Masada commit suicide rather than be taken by the Romans.

It’s a weird feeling walking through the remains of this ancient place and thinking about what happened there.

Store room

Store room


Mikvah pools

Mikveh pools




If you’re planning on visiting Masada come prepared for the heat.

My bottle of water was ice cold at the start and turned hot before I could finish drinking it.

It’s best to go early in the day before the sun becomes to unbearable. I didn’t last too long up there before wanting to head back down.When we got back to the rail car  we still had ten minutes until the next car was scheduled to leave.

There was some technical difficulties and we ended up being stuck there for an hour.

I was sure we were going to hike down. Fortunately, we made it back safely.




  1. Nice yoga poses you have in your posts! Wish I could do that! And they also make for great photos with that amazing sceery in the background

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