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Scuba in the Red Sea

I think this past week has been one of the most adventure packed weeks of my life. 🙂

Since Sunday I’ve been in Eilat with my family. It’s my first time here so I wasn’t sure what to expect. From tips I received from friends, I had concluded that you either love or hate Eilat. And after arriving here I think I understand why.

Eilat is in the southern most part of Israel. The countries Egypt and Jordan are its borders.

First of all, it is hot. Like really hot.

Some hotels I think can be crowded with adolescent partiers. So the scene can be kind of loud and intense.

BUT, in Eilat, if you go to the right places, and find the right accommodations, the experience can be a wonderful one! Like I’ve been having! 🙂

The pool of our

The pool of our “hotel”

Luckily we had some friends recommend us some great places. So after finding two beautiful rooms (actually I believe they’re condos), for half the price of a hotel at the Palmerei Suites, we started off our first day at Aqua Sport Club in front of the Coral Beach Resort.

Here is a link to Aqua Sport’s photo gallery to see pictures of marine life in the Red Sea.

Finally I can cross this off of my bucket list, SCUBA DIVING IN THE RED SEA! √

What a dream come true. It was the first time I’ve dove since my certification, I had to do a refresher dive before I could do a regular group one.

I was shocked at what a deal it was. For just a little over $100 dollars I rented equipment, got insurance, a refresher dive, and a group dive!


Oh! The fish I saw! I have never seen such color in my life. Parrotfish, clownfish, lion fish, oh my!

If you have never seen a parrotfish, they look like one of their parents was a rainbow:


BB9TG4 Parrot fish - Scarus gibbus - Scaridae - Coral reef in Red Sea

BB9TG4 Parrot fish – Scarus gibbus – Scaridae – Coral reef in Red Sea
Parrot fish red sea

They treated us like we’ve always been apart of the group, swimming close and around us, I felt like just another fish.

During the group dive we dove to Moses Rock. Never have I seen something so teeming with life. There were thousands of tiny fish moving in sync like soldiers to the current, corals, a giant clam or two…the list would be a long one. I wish I had a picture to share, but at least I have the scene forever in my memory.

Me after the group dive

Me after the group dive


After the other days dive, I am itching to get back in the water. I’ll talk to you guys later, I need to get ready for another dive. 🙂



  1. Travelin' Marilyn says

    Wow! Your pictures are beautiful and have convinced me to add “scuba diving in the Red Sea” to my bucket list! 🙂

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