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Who I am and why am I here?

Who I am:

I’m a girl from the US who wanted more. Wanted to see more, do more, learn more than my surroundings could offer me. Growing up in a southern suburb of Chicago was nice and all but…I was ready for some traveling and adventure. I wanted to see the world.

Last August I packed up a suitcase and left for Israel to continue some studying and to see the country. My life has not been short of adventure since. I’ve caught the travel bug and now I’m not sure if I can ever go back to that suburb. I’ve since found myself in India, and yesterday I was in three different countries within the same day, Israel, Egypt, and Jordan. There is something about the feeling of getting a fresh stamp on that passport. 🙂

I’ve learned so many things, met so many interesting people, experienced different cultures in different lands. I’ve known the electrifying feeling of exiting the airport and into the unknown, and now there’s absolutely no going back. I’m hooked.

Why I am here:

For a while now, blogging has been in the back of my head and finally I’ve decided to put myself out there, and I’m so glad that I did. It is so rewarding to share my experiences and thoughts with all of you!

Writing in this blog brings me back to my adventures. I love sitting down with my laptop and picking at my brain, trying to remember every detail. It’s like a diary with pictures for everyone to see!

I’m still learning all the ins and outs of blogging and I’m excited to continue growing as a blogger!

Thank you for stopping by my page and sharing in on this journey with me. 🙂




  1. Life is an adventure, I’m happy to see you seize all it has to offer, yet share so much along the way.

  2. Your Blog is so Good that I could not resist.
    There are other things that I would like to explore and know from your writings.
    Whenever time permits I shall definitely peep in.
    Till then have a nice time in Israel and let all things come to you as you wish.
    I follow You, for I have to come back again as for my promise. OK

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