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Greece Part III: Meteora

The view from our hotel balcony

The view from our hotel balcony

Day number two of our bus tour was one of my favourites in Greece. Our second tour was to to the magnificent Meteora. As we approached the town beneath Meteora, after what felt like a lifetime that our tour guide had been telling us we would be arriving soon. After the third time I stopped believing that there was actually a hotel at all.. Anyways, the sandstone pillars in sight were very welcoming.

Meaning of Meteora

DSC_0458Meteora in Greek means, “suspended in air”, or “in the heavens above”, and wow does their name ever fit them. All of a sudden they seem to pop into the picture, they are unlike any other landscapes in Greece, or that I’ve seen anywhere. These pillars are believed to have formed 60 million years ago. On top of (literally) their magnificence, height, and beauty, there are six monasteries. Though we only visited three, it was enough. To me the best part was just witnessing the massive sandstone pillars that were formed so long ago, covered in green. So much green! It was surreal. We were led on a pretty in-depth tour by our very Greek Orthodox tour guide. Matching the scenes depicted all over the walls of each monastery, every other one of his sentences began with “Our lord Jesus Christ”. Unfortunately we weren’t permitted to take pictures inside the churches. Each one we entered was fairly small in size, but completely covered in art, some quite gruesome. It was easy to see the age of the place. It was also crazy to think that everything that was brought up to build the monastery, they had to use a rope to pull everything up from the bottom, including people!


Do it!

Yes, Meteora is pretty out of the way for the regular visit to Greece but it is a must!!! I think I speak for my family when I say it was one of the most memorable sites we experienced in Greece, and I feel that we saw a lot.

It’s easy to book a tour. Like I said, we did the two day tour with Delphi and Meteora. The nice, air-conditioned tour bus picked us up right from our hotel in Athens.







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