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Beach Garbage

As we all know (hopefully), plastics in our planet’s oceans create a lot of serious issues. And there are severals causes or sources that allow these problems to take place and persist. The one that I want to talk about is probably the most obvious one: the garbage we leave at the beach. 

Beach Picnics

Who doesn’t love a good picnic at the beach? I know I love them, I just enjoyed one yesterday.

But the one thing that made it a little more difficult to enjoy was the garbage rolling over my sunbathing body whenever the wind blew. It made me kind of wonder how that could happen when all I had to do was lift my head and I could see about four garbage bins.

Besides the extensive list of problems I have with the overuse of one-time use plastics, I loathe witnessing a lack of concern or carelessness when it comes to these products, especially when it involves the health our beaches. You would think that anyone who likes to visit the beach would want to keep it clean, if for no other reason but to enjoy the cleanliness  himself.

I get it, not many feel like bringing re-usable cups or plates, etc. to a picnic. But what I really don’t understand is the issue some have with placing their trash in their respective bins. Or ideally, save them to be recycled; though I am sure that is asking too much.

The point or idea of this short little post is to make a difference where we can. Even if it is by doing something as small as making sure your trash gets into the garbage can, it makes for less that will find its way directly into the water.

But if you are feeling extra ambitious and want to lighten your footprint on the environment try lessening the amount of one-use plastics you use everyday. I’m sure that if you take a moment to think about the things you do in your day to day life, you might realise how they are everywhere, and then you can think of ways to avoid them.

We have to start somewhere and every effort counts.


  1. I agree. Littering really pisses me off. I was recently on a ferry, where people just chucked cigarettes overboard into the sea. Sure, the sea is large and cigarettes are small, but why not use the ashtray provided, just 1 m away?! So selfish!

    • I think people would have a hard time believing how much those cigarette butts add up to and the damages they cause. It’s so sad. I suppose disposing of them correctly is an idea some have not given much thought to.

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