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Grow it yourself

Coming from a suburb of Chicago, the weather is not ideal for my favorite fruit trees to flourish. But here in Israel it is heaven for all of my favorites: MANGO, avocado, lychee, just to name a few. It was one of my wildest dreams to live in a place where those trees grew in my backyard, and now they actually do, and it never ceases to excite me. For what reason now do I need to go to the grocery store? NONE. At least while mango and lychee season are in progress. Still waiting on the avocados though…

Although we don’t have a big enough yard to plant a big garden, we do have a balcony with sufficient space and sunlight to sustain a happy and healthy garden. The vision started with just a few cacti and now everyday I’m picking hot peppers and cherry tomatoes, basil and mint, lemongrass. We also have rosemary and zatar, and even tiny eggplants! All on our little balcony. And it is so easy to maintain. Just some watering everyday and some trimming here and there, and we have salads and tea on demand. It requires so little effort but it’s so rewarding!



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