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Kibbutz Lotan

Located in the middle of the desert in the south of Israel, we stopped for a night at Kibbutz Lotan on our way to Eilat. At the time it was a few months before my brother was to start his program there. The Green Apprenticeship, as the course is called is…

[…] a sustainable development and permaculture design course. The GA trains apprentices to understand and be able to identify and create sustainable solutions for social, economical and ecological issues facing critical industries such as agriculture, water, energy, waste management, construction, and more.

And what a magical place it is! Surrounded by desert and mountains, there was so much to see and to understand around the kibbutz. My favourite part being the dome shaped ‘eco-huts’ made out of mud  by students. My brother is living in one now and I could not be more jealous.



Thanks to the unrelenting desert sun this is possible.

They also have washing machines powered by bicycles, pretty darn cool. And it just continues! They compost food scraps, recycle any materials, grow a lot of produce, they even have DSC_0920composting toilettes! A lot of materials such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans, car tires, can be found inside mud structures around the kibbutz.

It was so inspiring to see how small of a footprint is being left on the environment by the people living and learning at Kibbutz Lotan. I am seriously considering putting in an application for the next session!

Also I mentioned some facts about them and their neighbour kibbutz Ketura in a piece I just wrote for The Culture Trip. It talks about 10 ways Israel is making an effort in helping out our planet, give it a read! 🙂

Here is the link:



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