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Welcome to Mexico

At some airports of tourist destinations they welcome by adorning you with necklaces made of flowers or  putting your name on a simple sign, Mexico changes the whole game. Immediately after exiting the doors of the airport the atmosphere changes, people are waiting for their shuttles or taxis by lounging and sipping a Corona or margarita. That was as unexpected as it was exactly the moment I knew I was going to love this place.

Cabo San Lucas

We called ahead to arrange a shuttle to pick us up from the airport, not knowing anything about the place I was weary of taking a taxi. But when we were greeted by so many cheaper options of transportation (as low as $17 per person, our original shuttle was charging a $85 flat rate for 1-6 people) we corrected our mistake and went for the $17, which took us straight to the hotel, Club Cascada de Baja.

We drove through mountains and landscapes dotted with cacti the size of trees. Somewhere along the way pulling to the side of the road. I was nervous, why were we pulling over, I thought. Until the driver said, “it’s a good time for some cerveza”.

I love Mexico.


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  1. You guys look like you’re having a ball. Keep at it and make sure to drink enough for friends back home. (I love that large cocktail glass).

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