Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, travel
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Spontaneity- Cabo San Lucas

It seems that activities don’t require much planning here in Cabo. Only after our first few hours scoping the place out we found ourselves on a tiny boat heading to- I didn’t really know where. Some charismatic local man approached us while walking on the beach and 10 dollars later there we were.

They took us to see the arch of Cabo San Lucas, it is the spot where the Pacific Ocean becomes the Gulf of California. The water was choppy but it was a beautiful view. Near the arch is where sea lions like to gather and bath in the sun.

The American country music being played on the boat created an interesting atmosphere but it was a great experience for our first day.

Afterwards for another 100 pesos ‘only’ (they really try and get ya wherever they can) we rented snorkel equipment from them and explored the water a little bit. It was a nice area for snorkelling, the visibility was only okay, but lots of fish! And I’m pretty sure I saw a shark!…

So far so good Cabo.





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