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Solo Travel Portugal/Workaway Day 4

Day 4

Sunday May 29th, 2016


Good morning!….Annnd it is still raining cats and dogs. Meanwhile the chickens and I are hiding from the rain. The chickens do the funniest thing where they try and hide under the table cloth that hangs over the coffee table outside but only their heads get covered. So there you have a bunch of hens and roosters around a table with only their bottoms showing.DSC_0638

I’m not sure where Annie and Adam are. I’m sitting in the kitchen drinking some turkish coffee and I think I hear them upstairs. It’s 10:30. I’m curious to see what the work will be for today.

So now it’s 11:30 and I’m in the same spot. So are the chickens, though they did make an attempt to look for food on the kitchen counter. Apparently they break dishes doing this all the time. Anyways, since I’m not doing much I figured I would try and find something to write about to pass the time. There goes that chicken again, she just knocked a pan off of the counter.

Day 4 Part II

I would say that today was pretty great. Lunch was super yummy, mashed potatoes with some sort beans and sauce. And chocolate cake for dessert, yay! They give such big portions, I am definitely not going to go hungry.  

So after lunch Annie gave me my mission. My job was to go around their property (which is a lot of land) and pick elderflower for tea! So basically I got to frolic around in the woods, collect a lovely smelling flower, and be happy! The sun came out and everything!DSC_0316

My directions were to cut the flowers from the tree with scissors, fill up the bucket and then leave the flowers to dry laying out on cardboard in their car. Done.

Annie told me that she tells the tree hello and explains to it what she is going to do, and that if she feels that it doesn’t want here to take a flower, then she doesn’t, and always thanks it afterwards. Which I know sounds weird probably, but I am totally right there with her. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who talks to plants and gives them their good vibes.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So off I went! Searching for this flower all over their land, it really gave me a chance to explore and see all of the parts of their property that I hadn’t seen yet, and there was so much I hadn’t seen! I also got to play with my camera finally, and snap some shots of their beautiful property. 

They have an old two-story house in ruins on their property, it’s super cool. The roof is completely gone and there’s a tree growing inside! 

DSC_0414I got a good workout from running all over the place looking for these things. Some of them were on some really tall trees, I almost wiped out several times trying to reach. I came across a river and an old bridge someone had made. The bridge obviously led to the other side of the creek but it was all overgrown and wasn’t possible to cross. But the creek had crystal clear running water. I sat in the middle of the bridge and listened to the water. The sun came out and it was the most glorious thing ever. There I was, surrounded by beautiful green trees, listening to the sound of the flowing creek, it doesn’t get much more zen then that.


Elderflower tree


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