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Portugal Day 7

Day 7

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My first day off

I’m sitting outside in the shade, the guests just left after some hugs goodbye. They seemed really happy with their stay.

It’s around 2 in the afternoon and I’ve been sitting around all morning, reading Harry Potter. It’s another beautiful day and I think that soon I’ll be going into town with Annie, she has some things to do there and it’s a chance for me to go explore a little. So I’ll come back to you with more details later. 🙂

Day 7 Part II

DSC_0443Annie and I hopped into their white van and made our way to the town at around 2:30. It wasn’t a far drive, and I think I wanted it to last much longer, the view was just surreal. We were rather high up on a mountain so we were overlooking a beautiful valley. There you could see farms and houses, and a whole lot of green. All the roofs of the houses were a pleasant burnt orange colour.DSC_0786

We drove along the tiny brick roads through this quiet town. None of the store fronts or buildings seemed at all busy. The only places that had people in them were the cafés. 

Apparently lunch time around here is the time to sit down with some friends and have a nice glass of wine. So after quite a bit walking in circles around the small mountain town, I finally found myself picking a bright and airy corner cafe to sit and have some flavoured sparkling water.

This was the first time in one week that I spent any money whatsoever and also the first time that I drank something other than pure water from the spring on my hosts’ property. 

There were a few tables outside on the sidewalk. I sat down next to a group of cute elderly men.  They were all sitting around a table talking, laughing, and refilling their glasses of light red wine. 

I wondered what kinds of stories they must have. Did they grow up together? I’m sure they’ve known each other for a long time. Living in such a small mountain town, everyone must know each other pretty well. Were there wives doing the same thing? I wondered how often they get together. It was nice to sit and people watch.

DSC_0434As I said, the town was small. There was not too many different things to see. I saw a pretty blue tiled church, some extremely old and vacant decaying buildings for sale, some cafes, a few people. I definitely stuck out, being the single blonde and foreign person wandering around and taking pictures of everything. 

On the drive home, I realised that I’ve been in Portugal for a week and have not really experienced the culture at all. Like I’ve barely met a Portuguese person. This upcoming week, it will therefore be my mission to go to the town (the one closest to here) and attempt to experience the culture, and, this might be a stretch, but maybe even socialise and talk to a real live Portuguese person, given they speak some english. Let’s see what week number two has in store. 🙂DSC_0425DSC_0423 DSC_0429DSC_0427

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