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Another desert adventure/Kibbutz Ketura

During this desert adventure we stayed at Kibbutz Ketura, just north of Eilat in the south of Israel. This kibbutz was founded by a group of all Americans in 1973. We went on a tour of their huge solar panel field, there are some very interesting facts about the field in the article below: Just to give you an idea in case you don’t want to read the whole thing: Each night, the 20-acre facility is cleaned by 100 Israeli-made robots, which brush and clean the hundreds of solar panels, generating 9 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. It’s a technical breakthrough, said Eran Meller, CEO of Ecoppia, which built the robot cleaning crew, that could encourage more use of solar power. -David Shamah, World’s first self-cleaning solar park in the Arava Valley Other than the inspiring work they’re doing there as far a solar energy goes, the place is beautiful! There is nothing like hiking in the desert, nothing! The silence, the vastness of it all, it’s so grounding. I even found some fossil …

Tekoa: A trip to the Northern Judaean Mountains

The West Bank My friend never said exactly the words, “I live in the West Bank”, so it kind of took me by surprise when we were entering into it in the dark of night. Not sure how I didn’t put the two together when he said “I live on a settlement”, but to my defense I was still new to the country. So it wasn’t until we were about five minutes away when my eyes widened with (I will admit) a little bit fear but also a lot of excitement. And that is how I found myself in the West Bank, Palestinian territory.