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7 Reasons Why It’s Easy To Be Vegan in Tel Aviv

Vegans all over the world are faced with the same (slightly irritating) questions and assumptions that come with the lifestyle: “But where do you get your protein?” “All of your hair will fall out by the time you’re 30!” “What do you eat besides lettuce?” Growing up in the United States, a country where people love, and I mean love eating meat, I’ve heard my fair share of those questions. But then Tel Aviv came along with its vegan restaurants, festivals, and love. I was so pleasantly shocked at the openness and understanding people have towards vegans and vegetarians upon moving to Tel Aviv. Whether it’s the love for fresh produce or living creatures, or the inspirational public figures, Tel Aviv is becoming a vegan hotspot. Check out my 7 Reasons Why It’s Easy Being a Vegan in Tel Aviv. 🙂