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Portugal Day 7

Annie and I hopped into their white van and made our way to the town at around 2:30. It wasn’t a far drive, and I think I wanted it to last much longer, the view was just surreal. We were rather high up on a mountain so we were overlooking a beautiful valley. There you could see farms and houses, and a whole lot of green. All the roofs of the houses were a pleasant burnt orange colour.

Solo Travel Portugal Day 5&6

Day 5 Monday May 30, 2016 The Horse box I finally took a shower!! The last time I showered was in the hostel in Lisbon. I know, I know, 5 days is quite a bit to go without, but it hasn’t stopped being cold and super rainy, and this is an outdoor shower we’re talkin’ about, and requires a good three minute walk from my little box. But today was different, today it didn’t rain once, and the sun finally showed itself, so I figured today was my day. I even washed my hair. The water was nice and hot (powered by the solar panel) and I used my new biodegradable shampoo and conditioner, woohoo. Their water comes from the stream on their property, and after use goes back to the earth, so all soap needs to be able to biodegrade.  My day started a 8:30am when I got out of bed. I hiked the little hill from my horse box to the kitchen, made myself some turkish coffee, and sat outside with the chickens …

Solo Travel Portugal/Workaway Day 4

Good morning!….Annnd it is still raining cats and dogs. Meanwhile the chickens and I are hiding from the rain. The chickens do the funniest thing where they try and hide under the table cloth that hangs over the coffee table outside but only their heads get covered. So there you have a bunch of hens and roosters around a table with only their bottoms showing.

Colors of Goa

Just stepping out of my hotel here in Arambol, there are so many things that catch the eye and I want to take pictures of everything. I wouldn’t put down my camera if I took every photo opportunity. There is always so much going on! People, animals, natures, colours, all coming together in such an amazing combination. So I capture what I can, although I am aiming to take more for my last ten days here. But here are some of my favourites from what I have taken so far:      

Kibbutz Lotan

Located in the middle of the desert in the south of Israel, we stopped for a night at Kibbutz Lotan on our way to Eilat. At the time it was a few months before my brother was to start his program there. The Green Apprenticeship, as the course is called is… […] a sustainable development and permaculture design course. The GA trains apprentices to understand and be able to identify and create sustainable solutions for social, economical and ecological issues facing critical industries such as agriculture, water, energy, waste management, construction, and more. And what a magical place it is! Surrounded by desert and mountains, there was so much to see and to understand around the kibbutz. My favourite part being the dome shaped ‘eco-huts’ made out of mud  by students. My brother is living in one now and I could not be more jealous. THE ENTIRE STUDENT AREA IS SOLAR POWERED! 🙂 Thanks to the unrelenting desert sun this is possible. They also have washing machines powered by bicycles, pretty darn cool. And it …