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7 Reasons Why It’s Easy To Be Vegan in Tel Aviv

Vegans all over the world are faced with the same (slightly irritating) questions and assumptions that come with the lifestyle: “But where do you get your protein?” “All of your hair will fall out by the time you’re 30!” “What do you eat besides lettuce?” Growing up in the United States, a country where people love, and I mean love eating meat, I’ve heard my fair share of those questions. But then Tel Aviv came along with its vegan restaurants, festivals, and love. I was so pleasantly shocked at the openness and understanding people have towards vegans and vegetarians upon moving to Tel Aviv. Whether it’s the love for fresh produce or living creatures, or the inspirational public figures, Tel Aviv is becoming a vegan hotspot. Check out my 7 Reasons Why It’s Easy Being a Vegan in Tel Aviv. 🙂    

Kibbutz Lotan

Located in the middle of the desert in the south of Israel, we stopped for a night at Kibbutz Lotan on our way to Eilat. At the time it was a few months before my brother was to start his program there. The Green Apprenticeship, as the course is called is… […] a sustainable development and permaculture design course. The GA trains apprentices to understand and be able to identify and create sustainable solutions for social, economical and ecological issues facing critical industries such as agriculture, water, energy, waste management, construction, and more. And what a magical place it is! Surrounded by desert and mountains, there was so much to see and to understand around the kibbutz. My favourite part being the dome shaped ‘eco-huts’ made out of mud  by students. My brother is living in one now and I could not be more jealous. THE ENTIRE STUDENT AREA IS SOLAR POWERED! 🙂 Thanks to the unrelenting desert sun this is possible. They also have washing machines powered by bicycles, pretty darn cool. And it …

Beach Garbage

As we all know (hopefully), plastics in our planet’s oceans create a lot of serious issues. And there are severals causes or sources that allow these problems to take place and persist. The one that I want to talk about is probably the most obvious one: the garbage we leave at the beach.  Beach Picnics Who doesn’t love a good picnic at the beach? I know I love them, I just enjoyed one yesterday. But the one thing that made it a little more difficult to enjoy was the garbage rolling over my sunbathing body whenever the wind blew. It made me kind of wonder how that could happen when all I had to do was lift my head and I could see about four garbage bins. Besides the extensive list of problems I have with the overuse of one-time use plastics, I loathe witnessing a lack of concern or carelessness when it comes to these products, especially when it involves the health our beaches. You would think that anyone who likes to visit the beach …

The Problem with Plastics

In all this hurry that we are in, do we ever stop to think? Do we ever think about what happens next? What happens after we throw our empty water bottles, coffee cups, or take-out containers? No, I would say most people don’t think about it. And why should they? Once their trash hits the can it’s out of sight and out of mind.