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Exploring Petra: In Pictures (and a few words..)

Just a few hours after crossing the border back into Israel from Egypt I found myself making my way through customs into Jordan. Three countries in one day, nice. We showed our passports a total of six times on the way, only running in to some trouble with our bags. For some reason they were unsure if they should allow me to go in with my GoPro, which had an underwater case on it. Thankfully after some discussion amongst themselves, the security men gave me my camera back. Although the next item of suspicion was my mother’s police badge, which after ten minutes or so was returned to us… We were apart of an organized trip, we were fourteen total. Finally on the Jordan side we were separated into two vans and prepared for our two hour drive. Before climbing in the van I had no clue I was in for such a long ride, but wow, the Jordanian mountains are something beautiful. The lines of phosphate and shades of green from copper, it wasn’t …


Taking a break from lounging at the Dead Sea we jumped in the car and went looking for some adventure. We came to the sign for Masada and made a turn for it. I had been there once before two years ago when I was on a ten day tour throughout Israel. That time we had hiked up the other side instead of taking the 3 minute rail car. King Herod built the fortress on this flat piece of mountain in 30 BCE. His palace was located on the northern side. Equipped with bath house, store rooms, mikveh pools which you can still see the remains. We watched the seven minute video before taking the lift up to learn some more about the history of the place. I was shocked when they showed pictures of pottery that was found that had names written in Hebrew. The story of Masada is quite tragic. It was in the year of 73 when the, almost 1,000, people on top of Masada commit suicide rather than be taken by …

Tekoa: A trip to the Northern Judaean Mountains

The West Bank My friend never came out and said, “I live in the West Bank”, so it took me by surprise when we were crossing the line over in the dark of night. Not sure how I didn’t put the two together when he said “I live on a settlement”, but in my defense I was still new to the country. So it wasn’t until we were about five minutes away when my eyes widened with (I will admit) a little bit fear but also a lot of excitement. And that is how I found myself in the West Bank, Palestinian territory.