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Colors of Goa

Just stepping out of my hotel here in Arambol, there are so many things that catch the eye and I want to take pictures of everything. I wouldn’t put down my camera if I took every photo opportunity. There is always so much going on! People, animals, natures, colours, all coming together in such an amazing combination. So I capture what I can, although I am aiming to take more for my last ten days here. But here are some of my favourites from what I have taken so far:      

India told in pictures

The past few years the idea of this place wedged itself in my mind. I knew I would find myself there soon I only had no idea when. While taking my school year abroad in Israel the opportunity revealed itself and I jumped on it. Here was the chance for my dream to come to fruition. The three people I would be traveling with had been there before so I felt confident in doing the minimum amount of research and putting my faith in their existing knowledge of the country as far as places to see and visit. Although I seemed to the only one to show any interest in going to visit one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Anyway, on January 8, 2015, in the middle of winter in Israel, the four of us were on a plane to Mumbai. Mumbai Even after landing in India the fact that I was there still barely registered in my mind. The whole thing was still dream-like. But India didn’t give me much time to adjust, …