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Portugal Day 7

Annie and I hopped into their white van and made our way to the town at around 2:30. It wasn’t a far drive, and I think I wanted it to last much longer, the view was just surreal. We were rather high up on a mountain so we were overlooking a beautiful valley. There you could see farms and houses, and a whole lot of green. All the roofs of the houses were a pleasant burnt orange colour.

Solo Travel/Workaway Days 2&3 Portugal 2016

Day 2 Friday May 27th 2016 Later on in the day… Mello, Portugal At the moment I am sitting in a a converted horse box, where I will be living for an unknown amount of time (a week?). There is no electricity in my box (just motion censored lights that stay on for 10 secs) or running water and I just peed outside in the grass. **chuckles   My host Annie, picked me up from the train station. As soon as I got off the train we saw each other, quickly greeted and were off to her place. We talked, she’s from England and moved to Portugal one year ago from Bulgaria with her life partner, her 6 dogs, horses, pony, and chickens. The drive was beautiful. They live at the bottom of a mountain range, and the scenery is just spectacular. We were greeted at the gate by a few of her dogs. All so cute! I’m in heaven. They had guests over when I arrived, their vegan neighbours were sitting and talking with …